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All games here were designed, written, produced, and/or programmed, by Thomas Ruiz

Hidden Harmony

inspired by the mkultra experiments, window pane is a psychedelic Vr video game. experience a mind bending and metaphorical story where reality is fluid and your own perceptions cant be trusted

Evita Lobo: Creator, Producer, developer

Thomas Ruiz: Co-Producer, writer, designer

Kaio Barbosa: Developer and Artist

Jared Penner: Lead developer

Octavian Ruiz: Lead Artist

Joel Hernandez: Texture Artist

Garrick Liou: Developer, debugger

Jon Winters: Writer, developer

RCR Game Training

An interactive text based educational game I helped write under Noah Wardrip-Fruin and a team of Graduate students. Set to be released throughout the UC school system for use in lab training in Winter 2020. 

The Light

Lovecraftian Brawl

A short card game I made based off of the Cthulhu Mythos where players play as various deities from the mythology to control earth. Click the link below to see the art I created for the project! 

Dark Messiah: Kicking it Old School 

A board game I made for with several peers as a humorous adaptation/homage to the video game Dark Messiah. Play primarily revolves around kicking people into fire. Click below to see the rulebook!

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